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About Chacca Records

Since 2009

For over 20 years, Jojo Strickner has been engaged in the field of sound and audio technology.

As a singer, guitarist, and drummer, his journey into sound engineering began at a very early age. With his first band, “Regmood,” the group even achieved radio airplay in regional stations with their rehearsal space recordings. Jojo continued his musical journey while studying audio technology in Graz. Furthermore, he organized several live events there, including those with radio live broadcasts on Graz’s Free Radio Helsinki. However, it was not just live events; it was the world of the recording studio that fascinated Jojo the most. During his time in Graz, he worked in multiple recording studios and even helped design some of them.

His musicality also led him to create advertising jingles for television clips in collaboration with studio musicians and film producers.

Upon returning to Vorarlberg, he spent several years playing in the reggae-ska band “Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra,” contributing to arrangements and album productions.

Jojo’s career also took him internationally as a sound engineer for film productions. He worked on documentaries in Brazil, Rwanda, Uganda, and throughout Europe, as well as in OB vans for television events via live satellite transmission.

Jojo’s experience now spans from providing sound engineering for live events, audio recording for television, video, and film, to music productions.

His timeline:

  • 2004: Electrical Engineering and Sound Engineering studies in Graz, Austria
  • 2009: Founding of CHACCA RECORDS
  • 2011: Establishing a freelance multimedia business for audio, video, and web
  • 2021: Founding his own sound studio located in Dornbirn, Austria

Since the establishment of his own sound studio, Jojo has delved deeper into analog studio technology and its origins. As a drummer, singer, and guitarist, his preferred musical genres include reggae, funk, soul, blues, singer-songwriter, and much more.