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Chacca Records is a professional sound studio and a place where inspiration and creativity happen.

We offer audio recording, mixing of existing tracks, and mastering of completed mixes.

What sets Chacca Records Studio apart is that we process the signal path as much as possible using analog studio equipment. Not only does the sound benefit from this, but the entire mix also appears more cohesive and fuller compared to purely digital mixes.

We are constantly striving to bring out the best in every audio material we work with. Audio engineering is much more than operating technical devices. We always strive to bring passion, experience, musicality, expertise, know how and empathy.

From the first note to the finished musical composition. Being able to accompany this journey is a privilege that we always value anew.


Afram Sound, Adi’s Guitar, Alldra, Bridge Project, Brendan Adams, Cherimoya Project, Stefan B., Okeke, Gypsy Nany, Malema, Die Drei Friseure, Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra, Los Papitos, Polunda, Radio Helsinki, Veilchen Graz, Zeit zum Ernten FILM & VIDEO: Bastian Innfeld Film, CD-Film, Oberland TV, IKP, Gethair, Kairos, K-TV, Sportarena TV, Arlberg TV, uvm.